sustainability at essex

what we do

we advocate a sustainability-centred approach across the entire university and encourage our students, staff and local community to be stewards of the environment.

2017 saw the creation of our sustainability team who are committed to improving the university’s environmental performance, bringing together existing work on carbon reduction, student and staff engagement, travel and transport and grounds. they facilitate the university’s sustainability goals outlined in the sustainability sub-strategy (sss).  

the university is currently committing close to £1 million per year into sustainability staffing, initiatives and projects, from annual operational budgets to long-term investments.

we have committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 43% by 2020, compared with a 2005 baseline. as of october 2019, we have so far achieved a 35% reduction. 

on 1 october 2019 our electricity contract switched to a provider which produces 100% renewable energy. this covers all three of our campuses and supports our efforts to continually reduce our carbon emissions. we currently generate approximately 2.5% of our electricity from solar panels, with projects under way to install more. 

sustainability is a fundamental part of our future planning and is directly referenced as an objective in the university’s strategy for 2019-25. we consider finding solutions for environmental issues to be a key factor in the educational experience of each student.

the university of essex does not invest in fossil fuel companies, arms companies or corporations complicit in the violation of international law. read our statement of investment principles to find out more.


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